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Today I had a truly great honor of speaking with another Life Coach who has a great amount of experience working with corporate clients. Speaking with someone else has given me a tremendous amount of insight that would have otherwise gone un-noticed. I was asking several questions about her path into Coaching when shortly after she said something that intrigued me. She had brought up the point that I have a very strong niche in helping others realize we all have choices. This was not something that dawned upon me until discussing this with her, and I really cannot thank her enough!

In times throughout your life you may feel like we are trapped to some degree. For example, some people may feel trapped in their career only because they feel they have financial security. Others feel they are trapped within their relationship. Understand that we all feel trapped at some point in our lives.

How many times have you found yourself saying a statement that starts with “if only”? You may say to yourself “if only I had more time”, or “if only I could find a new job that pays the same or better”. By saying “if only” you are trapping yourself, binding both your choices and decisions to your “if only” statement.

We all have the freedom to make choices. No one is physically forcing you to stay in your current life situation. Yes there is risks involved for every decision, but realize it does not need to be a gamble with all odds stacked against you. To avoid a disaster in your choice you should follow the first rule of thumb. Never let yourself fall into a trap. Always avoid falling into a situation that can end up placing your future in question.

Avoid this trap by always having some sort of viable backup plan of action. Think of it as always leaving a way to get out. Jumping into a risk without understanding the consequences of your decisions and choices can be dangerous enough to yourself and your family. Not having a backup plan of action is almost certain death.

So realize you may feel trapped, but are you really trapped? Avoid saying the “if only” statements we all make. Take responsibility for your current situation and the future of your life! Never should you blame the factors or consequences of your choices on others. Now I need to be careful how I word this next sentence. In no way am I intending this statement to be taken the wrong way to people who are true victims- of situations in abuse, crime, or any other serious situation. Placing fault and blaming others because of your life choices only makes you a victim of circumstance, and does not solve the underlying issue at hand.

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