Envision Your Lifeline

There are a lot of things in life that simply amaze me. The ability for most individuals to ignore and not envision their lifeline is one of them. Envisioning your lifeline is a simple concept to understand, but difficult for many people to actually exercise. Envisioning your lifeline is essential to create the most success out of life. So what exactly is envisioning your lifeline?

Envisioning your lifeline is the ability for individuals to see their past, present, and future while realistically measuring where they currently stand on their timeline. For example- let us say an individual is 35 years old and they expect they will live to be at least 70 years old. This leaves them with only 35 years of life to accomplish their goals and their dreams in life. This is where most people stop and simply say they have 35 years of life left, and their lifeline vision is complete. They simply lack the ability to understand time on a large scale.

This is also where I get simply get amazed.

During no time do these individuals realize how quickly 35 years of life is on a time scale. That is only 35 more times of seeing winter, or celebrating an annual holiday like Christmas. For myself, a day goes by in a blink of an eye, and life seems to only go faster as I age. To accomplish my goals and dreams in life, I understand what I need to do and where I need to be every year. This is not being pessimistic, but rather realistic because there are only so many years left in life…

There are only two certain events that every human being will go through, and those events are life and death. So what makes envisioning a lifeline so difficult for so many people? Is it really just the inability to understand time on a larger scale?

For some it is simply the fear of death that makes it difficult for some to understand their time on a larger scale. Ignorance is bliss, and not knowing/understanding is better However, ignoring this concept is simply denying themselves the truth and the ability to accomplish their dreams in life. After all, Goals are simply the stepping stones to fulfilling our dreams.

Other people have not yet reached a traumatic event that inspires them to break them from living subconsciously to the fact that their lifeline is waning away with time. Now a traumatic event can be several things that trigger a clear vision of one’s lifeline. It can be a loss of a loved one, a diagnosis of a medical condition, or even a near death experience. Every individual is unique, and will respond differently to events in their life.

Some of us are just too young and lack the necessary life experiences to fully understand out lifeline. Remember when you were younger, and nothing could stop you. I refer to this as the Age of Invincibility & Ignorance- the age where as an adolescent, we feel invincible. During this phase of life, we all ignore reasoning and ignorantly try to defy it to stretch our known limits. For an example- smokers all know smoking/or vaping is horrible for their health, but they simply do it because they can.

No matter where you are at in life- it is essential to understand your timeline in life. If you have difficulty defining your timeline, keep trying! Trying will only will give you a better perspective of time, and many people lack this. Having this perspective will improve your relationships with your family and friends. It will give you gratitude and most importantly the ability to timely accomplish your goals and dreams in life!

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