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So when given the opportunity to fall asleep early, or stay up late to sleep in- what you choose to do will have a great effect on how successful you are in general. As simple as this concept may seem, most individuals underestimate the overall concept. This is because most of us have a lifestyle that revolves around socializing. Some of us even have careers that operate on later shifts that doesn’t allow for us to sleep on a normal schedule.

Getting up early is tough for most of us- in general we don’t get enough sleep. For others it simply feels great to sleep in without having the responsibility of waking up in the early hours of the next day. If we fall to sleep early in the evening we miss seeing our favorite television shows, events, or even going out to socialize at the bars with friends. Other responsibilities such as child care greatly affect when we can sleep.

Regardless for the reason, sleeping in late destroys a lot of potential productivity and sets us up for failure. When we wake up and it is already late morning, we have already pissed away our day. The window of opportunity has already begun to close. The list of responsibilities we have to accomplish now has to be done in a shorter time frame, or not completed at all. We feel the sting of failure and the burden of more tasks that need to be accomplished the next day.

So what can we change to become more productive on our days? Most people think they have to wake up earlier in the morning and lose sleep. Unfortunately this is the only perception of a plausible fix to waking up earlier in the morning for many people. There is a major problem when we use this thinking.

Waking up earlier in the day and falling asleep at the same time will require losing sleep. Losing sleep only makes us less productive throughout the day. There are only so many hours in a day, and cutting yourself short of sleep will only set you up for failure. Most of us have a perception that waking up early just sucks and we don’t want to do it.

Your success is directly related to how you perceive your life to be. So what would happen if you stop thinking of going to sleep early as a horrible thought and start thinking of it as just sleeping in early? Get yourself use to starting your morning at the same time every day. Extend your sleep by falling asleep earlier.

If you want to sleep in and gain some extra hours- gain them by falling asleep earlier in the day. Yes… you will miss out on some of your television shows, and some of your social life. Get over it. You will not be successful if you have to work around your social life. If you are spending an hour or more on social media every day, but not one minute on bettering yourself- I would highly recommend you review your priorities in life.

Start imagining how much more successful you can be when you wake up and knock out your list of things to do early when there is less interruption. What could you get accomplished with a full day ahead of you? It is also important to take some of this time to do things that you also want to do for pure enjoyment. Start exercising- go for a walk, start off your day relaxed- don’t rush, meditate, or even just watch the sunrise. Yes… It may be hard to fall asleep early for the first week, but there are simple tricks such as meditation to help relax your body and prepare for sleep.

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